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What Is Mind?

To many times when this question is asked we think immediately of the brain. Although, this is not the correct answer to "what is the mind?".

The brain is a tool. It is a bio-chemical, bio-electrical machine that takes inputs from its external environment, analyzes the data and then converts this information into what we know of as reality.

In an analogy, the brain is a computer which processes external data to be displayed, analyzed, disseminated and shared.

Within this same analogy the subconscious mind can be referred to as the Operating System of the computer and your body as the components that make up the hardware of the system.

We cannot define the computer itself from one single component. The motherboard is not the computer. The operating system is not the computer. It is only when these three components work together do we have the foundation of a computer. This is in essence, the definition of what mind is.

If I had to define the mind, I would simply that mind is an emergent phenomenon that occurs as a result of a resonate effect when the consciousness, subconscious and emotional body of the organism experience reality.

So why is this important?

Understanding exactly what your mind is and how it works will allow you to begin molding yourself into that person you wish to be.

States of Mind

Have you ever wondered what is really meant by states of mind?

Knowing the definition of mind from the above examples, I think it is clear now to comprehend what a state of mind truly is.

If any aspect of the relationship between the subconscious, conscious or body are altered in anyway, your "state of mind" has changed.

To some of us, this is a revolutionary idea.

The mere fact that a change within the body can have such a profound impact on your overall happiness is not something we think of everyday.

What about the expression of a habit that derives from your subconscious mind? Whether you believe it or not, this has an impact on your state of mind as well.

Or what about a thought that enters your conscious mind, one that makes you think deeply and earnestly. One that tears at your emotions. How does this effect your mind?

So why is this revolutionary?

Because you have full responsibility over every one of these examples. The only thing separating you from living in a balanced and happy state of mind is yourself.

You can at any point and time in your life make a conscious choice to heal your body, create healthy and beneficial habits and implement the firewall within your conscious mind. In other blogs we will go more into detail on how to do this within your own life.

The Mind Is

The mind is that current state of your being. It is the functions of your biological processes in conscious states of action. On a deeper level, you have an awareness of your state of mind. Your awareness is simply the level of conscious responsibility that you have within a moment.

Your Mind is the operating paradigm that make you, you. It comes about through the various states of efficiency and effectiveness of the three components of your biology as directed by your paradigm. It is managed by a level of conscious responsibility known as your awareness.

In actuality...once we move aside all these words we can come to one simple conclusion...

It is simply a choice...

and you can change it any time you want...


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