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Trump announces USA banning Chinese Apps such as TikTok

Many American kids are sad that TikTok and many other Chinese apps will be banned in the USA. But Trump said if an American business buys it off then can be kept. But India was the first to ban Chinese apps in June 2020 and this escalated the border hostility between the two countries. Then we hear on 1. August 2020, China declared a new Chinese cryptocurrency as its official currency. The world economy is on its knees after the CV-19 lockdown being implemented and still in progress in some places. So many countries are being whipped economically by China. Who is rising as the world leader in economic stability? Makes you really wonder how deep Chinese leaders were in charge of this pandemic hurting the world economy so they can be the dominant world power. So many countries are all about salvaging what they can and coming up with economic strategies to save their country. Such as banning Chinese apps and Huwai 5G Networks. Which everyone knows China banned all world apps in China so it is only fair. But they seem not to play fair against India as the border hostility now rises.

Great Britain is soon to follow in banning Chinese apps. And China is also encroaching upon Putin by influencing countries that were under Russian influence.

People are not going to be happy in the USA because they will not understand that Trump is trying to create a better economic situation, in which, Americans are buying American products.

Did you know that India was the first country to ban Chinese apps? And China retaliated by killing 20 Indian soldiers at the border.

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