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To The Witch Hunters Who Are Attacking My Astrology Video Post.

My name is Cyndi. I practice Kung-fu, Tai-chi and Meditation. I also practice and continue my never-ending education of Astrology and Medicinal Plants (Herbology). I notice that I get attacked from the Christians on this platform when I post one of my Astrology Videos. All I have to say to that is that I am indigenous and the Native Americans are taking back their power as the White Buffalo Prophecy is now coming true. It is our Spring Time to be and the wintertime of being persecuted and Genocided by the Christians and the Church are now coming to an end. Live and Let Live. This is the age of enlightenment to see that we all have a right to share our higher senses and understanding of our connection to the stars. I did a very deep research and Astrology was part of Christianity for hundreds of years until they decided to wipe it out of the Bible. But you still see remnants of it when they speak of the 3 wise men from the east searching for a Messiah under the North Star. I believe in Avatar people such as Buddha, Jesus, and many more who graduated from this 3rd dimension and ascended. We are all one and we all have it within us to also graduate from this 3rd-dimensional world. There is no need to fight about who has the rights to God or Source. We are all God's children. I believe all religions hold one jigsaw puzzle of what God is. But there is not one religion in the world that can fully comprehend what God or Source Energy is. We all have a right to have the freedom to be searchers and seekers of the light. I practice Tchi meditation which is another word for Holy Spirit. I am into Wim hof breathing techniques and I can naturally form DMT through breath and meditation. Understanding astrology is understanding the blueprint of our DNA and how it is connected to the energy of the Stars. This understanding is known in India through Vedic Medicine and in China through Chinese Medicine. I find these medicines far more advance than Western Medicine that is Kabal and Pharmaceutical based. Do your research before trying to burn me at your Christian stake. NAMASTE

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