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The Tree, The Seed and The Garden

There is a garden within your mind. It has fertile soil and an abundance of sunshine. Attention is like water, desire is its food. Plant the seed, grow the tree.

The Seed

What is it that you utmost desire?

What are the things you wish for?

Pray to God for?

What is it that you strive to obtain?

These are the mental seeds that are planted within your mind. They are the foundation upon who we will become and the attributes that shall define us.

The biggest question I think that many have when it comes to mental seeds, is where do we get them?

You get mental seeds from two sources.

External Environment - These seeds come to you from someone or something else. Whether it is a social, cultural, digital, inspiring, religious, breathtaking or whatever it might comes to you through your senses.

Internal Environment - These seeds are what we can truly call "organic". They were grown inside you. They come from the analysis of subconscious programs, formulated into a stream of thought with an attached emotional relevance and designed specifically to accomplish one thing...the continuance of your paradigm.

The Garden

The garden is best defined as your mental landscape. It is directly supported by your paradigm and your emotional environment. The only seeds that will grow in your garden are those that are conducive to its environment.

For example, someone who is introverted, shy and has problems communicating will have extreme difficulty planting the seeds for a healthy relationship. Any relationship they become a part of will most likely be toxic to both people and the introvert will almost always become the one to blame.

The Tree

That which starts from a seed always has the intention of reaching the stars.

The tree that grows, is a direct representation of the seeds it came from and the garden that nourished it.

Knowing this knowledge, we must understand that the seeds we plant in our mind must be of the highest quality, have attached meaning and relevance, fueled by positive emotion and have an end goal of reaching the stars.

We must plant these seeds in a garden that will give it the ability to thrive into the wondrous evolution of its design.

Do you have a thriving garden within your mind? Or is shit just thrown around everywhere?


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