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The Red Pill Has Awakened Us But Have You Walked Out Of The System? How To Survive Out of the System

Just like in Matrix we have awakened but now we must learn to get out of the system. Many of us are awake but still in the system the dark elite has created for us to survive.

Many great, bold and dedicated warriors on this platform are fighting for our human rights WITHIN the system. Kudos to you all. But have you gotten out of the system? I am just like you guys on the path out of the system. But I have been given my ticket out it is just a matter of doing it.


Now the question is how do we survive out of the system. Here are key words to do research on youtube. 1) Living Off-Grid 2) Year-Round Hydroponic Garden 3) 3D printed houses that cost as low as $5,000 - $10,000. 4) Free Energy Generators or Solar Energy 5) off-grid water systems. Share in comments if you have other off-grid ideas.

It is learning to live indigenously but in a modern way. In harmony with the Earth and out of the money system the dark elite has provided for us. Do we want to fight within the system that they tweak it to be more friendly for us? That will never happen. As long as we are in the system we are vulnerable for them to do with us as they wish. So you were given the redpill now it is time to pull their plugs off that has been maintaining us. And like Neo from Matrix he was taken to a place where they learned to survive out of the system. Matrix seems like a documentary. Share and let us start a movement of getting OUT OF THE SYSTEM.

Then we can all dance off-grid as they did in Matrix called the Zion Dance.

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