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The Dark Elite Dream Machines Are Manipulating Peoples Thoughts vs Mass Meditation

The past two nights I had dreams that I usually would not have because my frequency is quite high. Also, I usually sleep with certain frequencies to get enlightened communication from higher beings. But because I am part of many World Mass Meditations I have been really exhausted and decided to sleep without frequencies because in meditation I channel the energy of higher beings to raise the Schumann Resonance. A couple of days ago, I was invited to be a part of a meditation where many of us around the world were telepathically invited. The invitation I received happened a few hours prior while taking part of a healing meditation on Zoom with an Indian Yogi who can channel Krishna and all the Indian gods ("gods" who I think are higher beings who have graduated this 3rd dimension or "ET's".) A couple of hours later during the President Trump Meditation and after praying for his health and wisdom to guide We The People, I found myself being bold and asking the higher beings to come in legions to zap their high-frequency energy toward the dark forces and energy on the Earth to bring down the dark against humanity and Mother Earth. That was Wednesday, during the President Meditation I organized. Then afterward, I went to bed. I had a nightmare, that our world was being taken over by A.I. and they were coming down from UFO's to create human genocide. I never have dreams like this because I am protected from my guides and also my frequency is too high to be manipulated by dark elite technology. But my guides allowed me to be exposed to their Dream Machine to get a taste of another way they are controlling the thoughts of the people around the world to be submissive and fear the CV19 and to hate Trump. Yes, that was my second dream before I woke up this morning. As much as we try to awaken them many of them have been influenced by this Dream Machine. Similar to using Hollywood Films to use our collective consciousness against us they have created technology to manipulate our thoughts while we sleep. For those who are into meditation, we need to band together and ask the higher beings to destroy all dark technology which is negatively influencing humanity. This is not just an internet digital war. We try to awaken them or do mass meditation while the dark elite fight back to influence the masses with the radio waves of frequency. I leave links to two videos so you can see the science in what may appear to be the ramblings of a crazy woman.

Here is another video and at 6 minutes the Dr. shares how our DNA are receivers and transmitters of light and frequency.[]=en

I will also leave you some tools for sleeping with frequencies to heal or just to have a safe dream time. But the main reason why I share this blog is so that you are in the know and to urge you to pray or be part of a Mass Meditation asking the higher entities to destroy their dark technology. Also, to be more understanding of why the people are behaving the way they are. Well there are many more factors that sound too esoteric for this group but I share very little it is regarding the Blue and Red Kachina Comets that just passed on 22 -23 of May which sparked the 25 Sun Solar Cycle which will spark the Mayan Calendar Solar Cycle which is overdue. This is going to make people either shift into a better timeline or go into a crazy frenzy and become violent. So the Sun is already going to affect us at it is but we need to pull the plug to these Dream Machines possibly known as HARP. Thanks for hearing what sounds to the normal person like crazy talk.

Here is a link to an online tone generator. They still work even though it is digital. I know because I can feel them.

Here is a link to the basic list of which frequency is beneficial.

Here is another link to a video with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Steven Greer and Dr. Bruce Lipton share how meditation/prayer raises the Schuman Resonance and can change our timeline and influence our collective thinking in a positive way.

Thanks for your time. Namaste

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