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Let Us Unite Despite Race or Belief Just Like in "Lord of The Rings."

Just like in the "Lord of The Rings" we could be coming together as one despite beliefs, politics, races, and cultural differences. We can lift ourselves out of this Pandemic through meditation and prayer we all have different ways and different tools and techniques. As long as we all work together for a better and healthier world. We may be about fighting the CV-19 virus or the idea of losing our human rights whatever it is we can make a difference against the Dragon of Despair if we just anchor in the light. May our focus be on the light and not the dragon because we only experience more of what is our focus. May you feel you are winning and perhaps you create more of this. I hope you enjoy my song. It was recorded a couple of years back.

I want to add: If you are into prayer or Chi meditation then join the millions all over the planet who are anchoring the light of God/Source Energy to raise Mother Earth in vibration. For her healing and to reduce the darkness within humanity. I personally like to practice active meditation in my garden doing Kung-fu Bo-staff. But you can also just close your eyes and anchor the God/Source energy into this world in your own style and belief system. Namaste

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