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Idealistic Projections of Reality

Everyone projects their own reality. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, all the emotions you feel, all the thoughts you think. These are bundled together into what you know of as reality.

Believe it or not the majority of the people in the world project a reality they really do not want to experience.

Reality is an interesting phenomenon...

In this post we will delve into what reality is and what influences your reality to become a projection of what you really do not want and some tips to hack reality for your benefit and wellbeing.

How do you perceive the world?

It really depends on what you consume the most.

Your reality has dependencies. It is not something you just experience and have no control over. It is a system within a system. It is a process within a process. Each system, each process has attributes that are continuously changing. Nothing within the system and process of reality is constant, except for change.

If everything is in a constant state of change. What can have influence over the change?

The System of Reality and It's Processes

How reality occurs is not a mystery. It has long been understood by countless practitioners for millennia. To preserve the knowledge, they hid this understanding within allegory and fable or within mystical teachings that seem fantastical. What I will do here is give you the nuts and butter. I will present to you a logical break down of how reality operates.


This is the master of reality. It is the ultimate observer. The internal Awareness of self presence.

We like to think that Consciousness is what observes and interacts with the existential reality...

Although, that is our Mind, not consciousness. They are separate...

I like to view Consciousness as fields of interactions that manifests in matter through resonance. As a material vibration is formed, the consciousness, like a radio channel within our current reality brings life into existence.

Our physical bodies are transducers, receptors of this ocean of consciousness.

There are meditations and states of awareness that you can achieve. When you get into these states, your existential reality becomes unpredictable. These states are less dependent on the external influence to predict reality, instead, your mind, the decoder and interacting agent of reality takes over and produces an illusion that is a representation of the what it believes reality to be.

You Minds primary objective is for self-preservation. It wants to make sense of reality and will pull from the depths of your being to do so. This illusion of reality is derived from imagination, from source and curiosity.

The objective, as I have found it, is to evolve the relationship of Consciousness and Mind through this material body... To Learn, Experience, Feel, to Transcend the Bounder of Imagination and discover the true mysteries of the absolute.


Your subconscious mind is essentially a processing unit or computer. It has three primary functions.

  • Monitor and record the external environment

  • Continuously adapt the mind and body to the changing external world

  • Self Preservation

  • Regulate internal functioning in accordance with adapted perspective of external world

These functions work on very rudimentary principles. The subconscious minds uses real-time feedback from the body and memory and its stored data banks as it's primary resources.

The human being is an organism.

Actually it is a group of organisms operating in harmony. Their primary function is survival. So as the subconscious mind has evolved, it has aligned itself with the two extremes of survival.

Pleasure and Pain.

It's whole purpose is to avoid pain and increase pleasure...

This is the foundation of your beliefs, habits, behaviors and your filtering of reality. All of them are brought about to keep you alive and progress your existence towards beneficial experience.



Thoughts are probably the most mysterious of all functions that occur in the mind. They are the ambassador of reality. The ultimate feedback mechanism that connects you and everything else.

Your thoughts originate in three places.

Subconscious Thoughts

The first is your subconscious mind. As your subconscious mind is continuously adapting to the external environment it needs to make real world changes. It attempts to do this by influencing your conscious choice. It bundles thoughts up, usually with major emotional attachments and memories. It does this because the feedback it is receiving from the body and environment is saying either PLEASURE or PAIN. We call these filters and they can influence your reality, sabotage your actions and make you blind to that which can be seen.

Resonate Thoughts

This might seem a little fringe, but the truth is stranger than fiction.

Every thought that has ever been experienced within someones mind is still present in the universe. It has a energy and a resonance. If you are able to align your internal antenna with another resonance your thoughts will change.

We have all had examples of this. People all over the world and throughout history have had and experienced the same thought streams.

Conscious Thoughts

Not everyone will experience this level of thought. Some people will have maybe one or two of these thoughts in a lifetime. They typically come about in times of great spiritual awakening. To understand the depths of this level of thought would take a book to explain. To make it simple I will do my best...

Your consciousness has a resonance. That resonance is based on a factor of time. You experience reality in a delay to this resonance due to the processing of reality by your material body and its internal systems. This means that your everyday experience of reality is actually a memory...

Yes, everything that you experience in real-time is actually a memory. There is a delay to the processing of information, therefore, the moment as experienced is not really the moment. It is a reverberation of the moment that you experience from a memory.

A conscious thought is one that appears to be outside of time. The experience of the thought is in essence, is timeless.

These thoughts are direct influences from your consciousness, usually sending a message for immense change that is about to occur. To explain it better... have you ever had a moment that was incredibly lucid, more real than real, time seem to be still. Although, when the experience was over you noticed a massive slippage in time. Sometimes hours!


Mind and Dialog

Mind is an emergent phenomenon. It is the summation of everything working together associated with an internal dialog. It is the actual "real-time" occurrence of what you know of as reality. Although, what the mind is experiencing is phenomenon that have already passed.


"Emotions are the end result of experience" Dr. Joe Dispenza

Emotions are bio-chemical reactions attached directly to bio-electrical stimulants. The bio-electrical stimulant is directed by the subconscious mind in relation to an association of a degree of pain or pleasure. The subconscious mind utilizes either memory or direct feedback from the mind as a determiner of this association. Your emotions are what connect the body to reality. This is how your body physically experiences reality. It then drives the feedback of this experience back to the emergent mind where it is evaluated and reflected upon. If determined that the experience was exactly like the you "remembered" or that this experience resembled a certain association. Your subconscious will with adapt to the feedback.

What is being said here is that every experience that has ever occurred is a method of feedback to the organism of whether it needs to change, adapt or not do anything at all.


Choices dictate action. The emergent mind is ultimately the one who acts. I like to think of the emergent mind as the judge of the feedback cycle. As you experience reality everything within you is reacting to this process. Everything within you is then providing feedback. This whole process is ultimately presented to the emergent mind as our "projected reality" or the point of "make a choice and perform an action".


"Scattered the corner of my mind."

Memories are an interesting phenomenon when talking about reality. In essence memories are very much similar to thoughts. They exist as energy signatures outside of the physical body and have a resonate structure. When thinking of memories I like to do a visualization exercise. This tends to give a perspective of what a memory actually is.

Think for a moment of a very attached memory you have. Imagine the time, place, emotion that you are feeling. Now step back away from that memory and attach a "energy" rope to it. Now come back to the current moment. You have this energy connection that is attached to this memory. The connection transverses time and space. It is external to your physical and temporal self. It exists as a relationship. This relationship is between you, your emotional state at that time, the actually coordination of time and space and all the universe configured around it. Each memory holds an incredibly powerful connection to experiences.

Ultimately, this configuration is stored in the brain as a resonator of neurological firing in a very specific pattern.

Why is it hard to remember certain memories?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is actually pretty simple. You create a memory every moment of everyday. Unless you have a photographic memory, you cannot remember what you ate yesterday, let alone what you did on this day 5 years ago.

If we go back to what we learned earlier about how our subconscious mind operates we will remember that memory is one of the resources used by the subconscious mind in determining an association of pain or pleasure.

What this means is that at the moment of experience an emotion occurred. The strength of that emotion and "its current relevance today" towards pain or pleasure is why you can or cannot remember it. When it comes to memory, it is all about how strong that emotion is that binds you to it and how relevant it is in your current state of being.

This can also be visualized as the resonate structures of your neurological firing patterns. Since your Mind is an Emergent phenomenon and continually changing and evolving, the neurological pathways are becoming more and more complex and integrated, therefore they migrate away from old patterns of thought. Think of it like this...

Imagine listening to a radio station like 88.8 which plays kids music. As you get older your taste in music changes and you start listening to 95.8 which is Rock, then 99.5 which is Jazz... As life progresses your keep increasing the station you are tuned into, the new station cannot pick up those other stations because they exist at a different resonate pattern. Although, occasionally you go back to those stations and listen to the old songs, and usually it sparks major emotional reactions. That's memory....

Now this can have some devastating ramifications. The emotional connection can be addicting. Every time that memory is replayed in the mind, the body mimics the emotional response. Over time, the body can become accustomed to this response and addicted to the chemical stimulus.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, when this occurs over a short time it is called a mood. When it occurs longer, it is a personality. Essentially these highly potent emotional memories cause us to "live in the past" and hijack our subconscious mind to where that memory becomes the cornerstone of survival.

This is one way in which people create and project a reality they really do not want. I am sure inside each of you reading this, you can directly relate to living a reality you really do not want. How many times have you told yourself, "This is not what I asked for?" or "I can't seem to figure it out".

We create our own reality. If we don't, trust me, someone will do it for you.

​​How can someone else create my reality for me?

If you are not creating your own reality, someone else is. I can not express this enough. Your environment or better, your external environment is the primary input into your reality.

Your subconscious mind monitors and records everything that comes from this input. It then categorizes each impulse as associated with pleasure or pain.

Each one of these impulses from your senses we can call Micro-Emotional Stimulants or MES. Each MES produces a Micro-Emotional Response or MER in the body.

If weighed against your whole being, the small little impulses cannot change anything.

Although, if you remember, your subconscious mind accumulates and stores these interaction between MES and MER.

So if you experience the same MES to MER interaction over and over again throughout your life, the buildup will begin to be experienced as an association to either pleasure or pain.

I will not get into New Age Propaganda...But,this is essentially, the Secret.

Remember the "Law of Attraction"? You will attract into your life that which consumes your thoughts.

Although...they forgot to tell you how it works.

The reason? To make money of course.

Almost everyone who wants to dictate and control your reality is doing it for one of two purposes. To make money from you or to control you. It is that simple.

If you have read any of my other posts you will know that MES and MER are the exact way marketing and advertising companies manipulate you into using their products. In the olden days when advertising was done on television, magazines, billboards, etc it was not as profound in it's effects. The time frames took much longer to be integrated into your reality. Nowadays, with the internet, social media and mobile phones it is scary what is happening.

Whether you believe me or not, your reality has been manipulated in one way or another if you use the internet. Every advertisement you see, every post or little bit of information has been strategically planted there based on your individual likes, habits and preferences.

By doing this, companies no longer need to sell you products. Now they simply hijack your reality with content. This content tells you how to think, how to choose, how to act, how to vote, etc etc.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

― Lewis Carroll

Reality is a projection of your inner being. It is taken into consideration all the external environment and surrounding universe. It has attached all energies you have ever interacted with and formulated this into a construct called reality.

Your reality is your responsibility.

You are the ultimate decider of whom you become...

To change your construct of reality you merely need to change that which you consume. To change that which you consume, you have to be in control of how your body and mind respond. You have to be in charge of you actions and responses. You have to be aware of all the MES and MER interactions planted around you.

The journey is just beginning. To understand truly who and what we are, we must first become ourselves. Free from control, free from anguish, free from the bonds of pain.

There is much more to the puzzle...


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