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EXCLUSIVE: You Have All Been Lied Too

You have all been lied too....

There is no if.

There is no maybe.

This is the truth.

You are not really you.

You are a lie.

As well, everyone around you is a lie.

Living, breathing, barely awake lines of man made code formulated into streams of propaganda and marketing.

You are all slaves to the algorithm. A bought and paid for reality brought to you by the highest bidder.

Some of you right now, are reading this and laughing.

"I know this is about marketing and media, blah blah, blah. But I don't let that stuff effect me."

You might think that inside your head. Although at the same moment, look down at your shoes, shirt, phone. Look at your Facebook Feed and tell me what is popping up?

Facebook and Google know you better than you know yourself.

They have organized your likes, interests, political behaviors. They have compiled the data on what makes you feel comfortable and safe. They even know who you like and dislike to the point where their algorithms can accurately predict the next elections voting habits.

In the sense of technology, this is an amazing feat!

Being able to accurately predict long range behaviors, social change and economic trends based simply upon social interactions and preferences, well that is absolutely amazing.

Although, it is highly inaccurate and not very true. This is NOT what is happening. What they are doing is so diabolical, it is something straight of a George Orwell book.

Every company needs to market themselves and their products... Facebook and Google are no different.

One would believe that these two are technology companies and they have developed amazing platforms for interactions.

The truth is they are not primarily technology companies. They are the largest and most advanced marketing platforms in the world.

They compile your personal data into complex algorithms and use it to make tons of money. Then in turn, sell it to the highest bidders.

So in reference to the above statement

"Facebook and Google know you better than you know yourself", is this really the truth?

Actually no. This is what they would want you and the purchaser of your data to believe. The truth, they say, is actually way more sinister and intrusive.

They understand psychology better than you know yourself. Every bit of information that passes by your peripherals is not ignored. Your brain takes every bit of it in and associates it to conditioned commonalities.

What does this mean?

Your subconscious mind is also known as your habitual or conditioned mind. It is literally a product of environmental stimulation associated directly to fight, flight, pleasure, procreate or a complex pattern of these.

Your subconscious mind monitors the outside world.

It recognizes anything that stimulates an emotional response...

This is an evolutionary precaution to keep us safe..

Marketing departments have worked for a long time with what is called MES (micro-emotional stimulation's).

This is the recurring projections of emotionally associated content within your peripheral senses.You do not consciously see or experience this happening.

Instead, your subconscious mind logs the action/reaction in it's database. Slowly as you get older and go through life, these micro-emotional responses get associated with objective reality.

This happens because your subconscious mind is paying attention, actively monitoring reality for anything that can can cause it pleasure or pain.

It notices these MER (micro-emotional responses) everyday. So therefore it "believes" that they must be important to one of the major 4 (fight, flight, pleasure, procreate) and if so, then it somehow is has an association to your environment.

So how does this get me to buy things?

To understand how this works we must understand the primordial mind and how it processes reality.

After which, you will begin to see exactly what these companies, governments, Hollywood, marking departments are all doing to you and why you, are not really you.

You brain operates through the interaction of bio-electrical and bio-chemical signals rhythmically dancing in melodies of patterns.

Billions of neurons firing at once generalize certain functionalities within the conscious mind.

An interesting fact to know, is that no two patterns are ever the same. They are continuously changing, evolving into something new.

These patterns have a dual association.

A direct connection to the logged database of "what's important" (subconscious mind) and a overloaded sensory implosion or "what's happening" (environment).

Consciousness in essence, is the dance between an organisms learned behaviors and the environments changing landscape.

So how can someone "change" your subconscious database to align with their "information"?

It is as simple as night and day...

"He who controls the organisms environment, controls the organism"

A puppet does not know of it's strings. For it's strings are merely an extension of itself that it has always known.

So ask yourself. Who controls your environment?

If you can ask that question to yourself and answer honestly, you will see that you are not your own master.

You will see that your tastes, likes, preferences, orientations are not your own.

Your love for your idols and the hatred for others, perpetuated by micro-emotional stimulants, planted directly in your environment for the sole purpose of manipulating your mind.

Look around you. Look how much anger and hatred is among us?

If you are a liberal and I say the name "Trump".

It is instant hatred. You can tell me 1001 reasons why you hate this man...

If you are a conservative and I say the name "Clinton".

It is instant hatred. You can tell me 1001 reasons why you hate this woman...

Prove to me this hatred of these people?

Yes, I understand it is real. It is as real as watching porn. It is fake as hell but still gets your off.

I bet if any of you were to answer this question about hatred that you will tell me about the countless articles, testimonies. You will repeat words of people who you look up at as idols. You will mimic their opinion. You will spew the propaganda placed in front of you by a fucking algorithm. None of it verifiable or empirical.

Just someone else's opinions, propaganda and lies.

It is all a lie.

You are a slave to a fucking algorithm.

These companies are mechanistic manipulations hubs that generate massive amounts of money from your data.

In turn, they use the knowledge they take from you as a cluster bomb of manipulation. Sold to the highest bidder, packaged to your preference and delivered directly to you subconscious mind loaded with micro-emotional stimulants that are associated directly to an already staged preference.

Just about everything you do is a conditioned response to some form of adverse marketing.

You have been brainwashed into thinking that you have an opinion. That you have likes, wants and preferences.

"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself"

The oldest technique for manipulation in the world is being perpetuated on a large scale as a weapon. If and when "they" succeed (and yes, they are winning) society will become but mindless drones.

A society of mindless drones....

A place where popular opinion is programmed through social media and news channels.

Who to hate, who to love.... Is buzzing about with emotional headlines, the new trends...All planned, perpetuated and organized in a Conspiracy against you...

We live in a place where the next political candidate is molded years before the election from compiled data and market research.

Choices are ran like advertisements, like when it is time to give up certain freedoms...

A society where what you eat, watch, wear, listen to and drive are pre-selected options dependent on your conditioned path.

As you stare into Orwell's Tele-screen reading this, take a moment and reflect back on to what you know of as you...

Do me a favor

Remove everything within your mind that has a brand name.

Consider for a moment everything that you read as fiction.

Disassociate yourself from anything that is external.

Place your addictions and obsessions aside.

Forget your problems and concerns.

For the next moments, what thoughts come to mind?

Give this a good 3 to 5 minutes.


How many times did you want to reach for your phone?

What thoughts were penetrating your consciousness and demanding control?

You are coming to realize that you are not really you.

Instead, you have let yourself become this addict of information.

Feeding off the small bits of MEE (micro-emotional energy) that your mind perceives.

Formulating your mental construct around this addiction, fueling new thoughts, emotions, choices and decisions that are products of this environmental conditioning. Therefore, not your own.

So the question is....

What's are you going to do about it?

How do You think for Yourself?

Or become the person You truly are meant to be?

How do I break this cycle and defeat the addictions to micro-emotional weapondry?

Truth always finds a way...


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