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DNA, Time, Memory and Mind

In the ancient alien theory of the Sumerians about the Annuaki, it is proposed that a group of advanced extraterrestrial beings came to Earth and genetically modified a primitive species of man. They did this so that they could have a slave race that could mine gold for some special use that is unknown. These "advanced" beings made mistakes and incorrectly altered the DNA and in turn made this primitive species highly advanced. They then corrected this action and persisted to "dumb" humanity down to be mindless workers. According to this alternative historical account, these events occurred approximately 250,000 years ago and every advanced civilization that has left its ashes on the face of the Earth are a remnant of the time when Gods and Demigods ruled. When the discovery of DNA happened, it became apparent within scientific circles that there was a major mutation that had occurred within human DNA. It had appeared as if someone sliced off a piece and then glued on another. This missing link of where we came from has pervaded scientists for decades. If there is one thing I can tell you about the ancient alien theory, let me say this. Never believe anything until you understand why you are being forced to choose a paradigm of belief. Anytime in your life you are given the "choice" to believe in this or that, choose to understand that you are most likely being fed bullshit. Yes, it is my understanding that what we are being fed about this whole ancient alien theory and the Annuaki is bullshit.

Here is some logic... 

If you wanted to enslave an intelligent species, what information would you control?

Would you only control the consensus accepted reality or would you also implement and control the alternative view?

It only seems logical to control all paths of information and all forms of its verification. Using this simple logic we can easily see that the reason we keep searching for more truth within this rabbit hole of alternative theory is because the rabbit hole was meant to distract us. It was meant to blind us from the real truth. 

What truth?

Truth as we know it is self evident. It presents itself in a manner that cannot be refuted and requires no belief. If you are reading this right now, then it is no surprise to you that we are all slaves in a system designed to control us, to feed off of us. That fact alone is one of the first realizations within "waking up". 

What if I told you that human beings have been around for a lot longer than you can imagine. What if I said, that we are only now rediscovering the technologies and powers that we lost in our ancient times. Human beings were a space faring race. We had dominated this solar system. We had explored the galaxy and become friends with many other beings. We had obtained high levels of spiritual and mental evolution.  We were a peaceful and friendly race. 

How do I know this?

Because I do you. 

You read that last paragraph and said to yourself, this seems right. It feels right. There is a feeling deep down inside you that innately understands that all the stories through history of mankind being the victim, the feeling of always being in a  state of struggle is somehow bullshit. Instead you remember like me the feeling of traversing space and exploring the stars. You watch television shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica and cry at the beginning because deep down inside it is triggering memories woven into the fibers of your being. 

Ingrained within your physical structure, in the depths of your DNA is the history of mankind. We have been lead to believe the DNA was this wheel of probability controlled by our environment. That it is a static code that blueprints your physical body. This could not be any further from the truth. Within DNA is the history of you, of humanity, and our ancient roots. 

It doesn't matter what you believe or how cockamamie this story sounds. Just hear me out. 

What I am about to tell you came from many meditations and what I call downloads, in where I have accessed these memories and some incredibly powerful information that was stored within me. I have held them in for a very long time because they seemed crazy and fringe. It wasn't until I started mastering the mind-space through processes like magic that I asked the Universe to validate this information. Surprisingly enough, the Universe did so, almost immediately. I do not ask you to believe it. For I myself do not believe in anything. I only ask you to understand the concepts I bring about and use them for yourself and see if you can uncover the truth that lays within you.  There is just something about it that doesn't make sense. I am not saying that we do not have a cosmic connection, I am not saying that in our history, aliens did not visit us. What I am saying is that what you have been shown through alternative viewpoints is glamour. It is there to appease the yearning inside you that seeks truth and is against the institutionalized paradigm. The reason I can say this is because the evidence for it is not self evident. The story does not align to logic.

The Story That Time Forgot

Some time ago there was a great war that took place within our solar system.

We lost.

When this happened, why it happened, the details of it are not clear. I do know that a planet was destroyed, another lay to ruin. Unbalance was met within the solar system. The Sun had many great electrical storms between Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn itself was the cause of destruction of this unnamed planet. Remnants of which were spewed across the system and wreaked havoc among the inner planets. Our moon, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. All directly related to this event. Asteroids of ice washed down onto Earth. This is where the stories of ancient floods come from. All that we know is the race that defeated us was a far more superior force.  

When we lost the war our race was still spread about the Galaxy and the Solar System. The ones that were captured were modified genetically to become slaves to a parasitic enemy that feeds off of us like a leech. 

This genetic modification is allegorically talked about in Genesis 11:1-9 and the story of the Tower of Babel. What this passage is saying is that human beings had one language that was universal. The tower they had built had touched the heavens. Tower in this context can be translated as an accumulation of knowledge. This mythical tower represents the history and knowledge of all of humanity comprised and encoded within our DNA. The language referenced was our ability to innately decode our own DNA and access all knowledge and history of our race. To enslave us, this ability had to be blocked or taken away through the process of genetic manipulation. The moment it was, we were but confused animals, lost in a world we created with no sense of direction. 

When I talk about accessing DNA to retrieve knowledge, this is what is meant by the Akashic Records. The word Akashic comes from Sanskrit and represents the inner aether, or inner space and the word "record" has a root meaning towards memory. So the Akashic Records has a literal translation of the "the memory that is within the inner space". That inner space is your DNA.

DNA Is Not What You Think It Is. 

It only seems logical, that as a species evolves it would store and record every bit of experiential data. The Universe operates on very simple principles. These principles state that work shall be done within the path of least resistance. Think about a how a browser renders and displays a website. It caches the files within its local storage. It uses cookies and other programs to track where you have been before and the actions you have taken. The purpose of this is to speed up the processing of data, make the access to the data more efficient and readily available, as well make it so that that information is preserved. 

What we call "junk" or non-coded DNA is exactly this. It is the caching system that your mind uses to store, access, reference and reflect on information within your reality. It is the gateway that connects your physicality to the realm of your mind, which is non-physical. Let's be clear. I am not saying this is where the information is stored. This is where the encryption keys are located. This will become more clear as we get further into this article. 

Keep in mind that your DNA is a mixture of both your mothers and fathers. Where their DNA is a mixture of their mother and fathers, so on and so forth. You literally receive the entire knowledge base or the internet search history of all your ancestors encoded within your DNA.

The only problem is that you lost the access to decode it. Notice I said access, not ability. 

This is not the only function of DNA. What DNA is and what DNA does has yet to be fully understood by modern science. Although, from research that is currently available we can see the emergence of a highly structured and integrated biological system for communication between mind and the physical reality.

If we were to compare this to something that we use everyday, I think it is a safe bet to say that DNA can be compared to modems (modulators, de-modulators) and network access points that we use for computers. Where our DNA translates and encrypts input and output signals and also makes the connection to the external internet. 

The late Dr. Martin Blank, a Bio-Physicist at Columbia University showed through his research that DNA was a fractal antenna for electromagnetic energy. His postulate was validated when he was able to prove that DNA contained the properties associated to a fractal antenna.

"DNA is a fractal antenna within electromagnetic fields" -Dr. Martin Blank, Columbia University

What is a fractal antenna?

"A fractal antenna is an antenna that uses a fractal, self-similar design to maximize the effective length, or increase the perimeter (on inside sections or the outer structure), of material that can receive or transmit electromagnetic radiation within a given total surface area or volume."  More..

In a nutshell, this definition says that DNA uses patterns within its design that can receive and transmit electromagnetic energy. Each pattern is fractal in nature and self similar. Or in other words, each segmented pattern is a representation of the whole pattern. No matter how many times your split the pattern in half, it still operates the exact same way as if it were whole. 

Dr. Blank was studying the nature of disease and illness by means of electromagnetic radiation on DNA structures. His theory was that DNA somehow can pick up on focused or ambient electromagnetic radiation and mutate to cause diseases and illnesses. 

To prove this postulate he only needed to validate that DNA had the properties of a fractal antenna. These properties are the ability to accept and interact with a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies, particularly the non-ionizing bands. (ELF and RF) and that DNA contains the two structural characteristics necessary, which are electronic conduction and self-symmetry. He was able to validate this through his research. You can read about it here.

Dr. Blank is showing us that our DNA is an intermediary between our external physical world and our internal mental world. That non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation can effect our bodies and our perception of reality. The mind can only observe and interact with the information it is given. Right now, it can only access what we consider the moment and the vague recollection of the past.

 As I have stated before, sometime in our past we were genetically modified so that we could no longer access this knowledge of our history through our DNA.

With the brief glimpse we have of our current reality I think it is safe to say that something is eerily wrong. If you are like me, you can feel it. It is like something is calling to you and expecting you to answer it, yet all you can hear is mere whispers and mumbles. There is something missing. Whatever the feeling, I think we can all is time to take back control. 

Before we go more in-depth into the genetic slave state we live in and answer the who, why's and how do we defeat them. We must first understand some aspects of the nature of reality. More specifically, what mind is, how our mind is produced and how it interacts with the Universe. 

The 1st Principle to Understand

The 1st Principle of Nature states that all is mental, the All is Mind. To put it in basic terms for those who are unfamiliar with the Laws of Nature, the underlying fabric of reality, the Universe, is consciousness. 

Through a chain of complex and logical axioms it can be shown that Mind is the only thing that truly exists within the Universe. This means that all matter and energy are merely constructs and derivatives within the Mind, segmentation's of thought. 

This is completely opposite to the current scientific model of what mind and matter are believed to be. This is by design. What you will find in your journey as you start to discover yourself, is that most, if not all of the scientific information presented to the world is completely backwards or bullshit. This is done to develop the foundation for which a manipulated reality can be accepted by the mind, as true.  

Moving forward in anything that we discuss it is presumed that this concept is understood. This is the foundation for all existence. Knowing this essential truth is the gateway to unlocking reality.  

So how does the Universal Mind become me, or my mind?

It would be easily understood if we just said that everything in existence was thought-of into existence. Although that does bring about much paradox and confusion.

There is one concept in the Universe, that when applied to mind, brings about a level of segmentation. The etymology of this concept literally means division.

By creating time, the mind can segment itself into various reference planes or states. A simple way to view this is thinking of a river that branches off from the source of water or roots that span out from their seedling. The branch from the source is a new temporal reference plane that carries a segmentation of mind, the essence of the whole.

Whenever you have a thought, you do exactly this. Your mind branches out from its current state and into a new temporal reference plane that is subjective to the experience of that thought.

This is what Albert Einstein tried to explain when he talked about the experiencing of time through differing states of mind. The "feeling" of time was perceived to be long or short dependent on the context of the actual experience. Each thought therefore is separated into it's own time reference plane and is experienced outside of what is considered normal time or your Local Time Reference Plane. 

If you have ever observed what is known as a UFO, how it defies the Law of Inertia by its sharp movements at lightening speeds. This is simply the same concept. The local time frame of the UFO is oscillating at a much higher rate than the large masses that produce gravity. This allows the UFO to be unaffected by the effects of gravity and be contained outside of the local time frame. So it's movements appear to be sharp and lightening fast, when in actuality its reference plane is merely hyper-temporal to that of the observer. 

"A fish trapped in a bowl, submerged in the ocean cannot understand how the fish outside of the bowl moves and disappears."

"A person walking through a time reference plane that is moving 100x faster than our current time reference plane would appear to be moving like the superhero Flash. When in actuality, he is just walking."

At this point I think we should investigate the phenomenon of time just a little more in-depth. An understanding of the fundamentals of reality are required to break from this prison. I will try to relay this information the best I can in non-technical terms. 

To understand the concept of time, we need to understand that just as water seeks its level, all Mind seeks balance. The number one priority, the purpose above all other purposes within the Universe, is to find a balance and become nothingness. The dance towards this balance is what we call approaching "sum-zero". 

Sum-zero is a state where resonate oscillation is achieved by both sides of a duality, and the resulting difference between the oscillations, approaches zero.

This can be interpreted as

-1.2221.... ---> | <--- 1.2221..

[Approaching Sum-Zero]

When something approaches a state of sum-zero within its local time reference plane, I would assume this would be observed as relative nothingness. I would also guess that most black holes are actually this phenomenon, as well, space, which appears to be open and void, when brought into perspective, doesn't seem to be so open anymore., but instead existing at such a high state of oscillation that it appears still, cold and void. 

There is a concept we need to introduce here. I will go more in depth in a later article about the Science of Reality that I am working on. There is a concept called antithesis oscillation, that comes from the fact that everything is dual. When time and space came into existence, when the Universe became, the antithesis of each also came to be true. In order for something to seek balance it must seek out its opposite. The Universe exists only because an antithesis Universe exists. These two are in oscillation with each other. Each atom has an antithesis atom of which it oscillates with. All mind and antithesis mind.  The point of convergence where the oscillation centers from is what we call the veil of convergence.  The closer your "distance" to the veil of convergence, the closer you are to the moment of creation, or the God head. This point is the same for everything. It is the moment of direct change. It is the cusp of reality. It is literally everything happening at the same moment. As we move away from this veil of convergence, the oscillation produced is what is called a local time reference plane. 

A local time reference plane can be found by the measuring of the radius of the oscillation to the veil of convergence. An antithesis oscillation will also exist. Though the two are not equal. Which is the reason why they are in a state of unbalance.

 This distance is also what determines the periodicity, which in turn, is time and space. The shorter the radius, the faster the oscillation, the more still time becomes. The longer the periodicity, the longer the experience of time. 

This is why it appears that time speeds up as you get older. It literally is speeding up, every time frame in the Universe is increasing its oscillation to find a balance with it's antithesis. 

Also, I think it is safe to postulate that our current Universe exists at varying degrees of these states. That anything that is manifest through matter is in an unbalanced local time reference plane. This just means that sum-zero has not been achieved. 

Imagine two colliding waveform's at differing potentials forming an oscillation at the point of convergence. 

-1.2221...---> | <--- 2.6555...

[Unbalanced, oscillation is equal (time and space sequence), energy is exchanged through oscillations until balance is achieved]


This would produce a polarity.

That same polarity, when at a very low oscillation is what you know of as matter and dark (counter) matter. At a much higher oscillation and organized within complex structures, it is what you know of as mind

 Reality Has a Refresh Rate

In your search for truth within reality, this next concept is very important to understand and has everything to do with prison you currently live in. 

Reality, as you experience it, is delayed. It has a refresh rate.

Just like your television, reality is blinking in and out of existence at a rhythmically increasing time variable.

This variable is built upon a summation of all oscillations above and below it and is in effect the point of harmonic resonance that is approaching a sum zero state. 

These time variables, as we mentioned earlier, are called local time reference planes. Everything that exists has one. From the smallest particles to most giant cosmic creations. As things seek balance, these time reference planes come together and create larger time reference planes. 

You do not experience reality in the moment. It is literally impossible unless you are God (Mind) and exist at the Veil of Convergence. Your experience of reality, the thing you call the now, is actually experienced as a memory. This is the only way our minds can observe reality. 

Think about this for a moment. As your processors of reality (brain, senses) decode, filter, associate and display reality to that which observes (awareness), was there a time delay?

1/billionth of a billionth of a second maybe? 

Of course there is, for this process is not instantaneous. This delay is your local time reference plane. This is the oscillation pattern that you exist on. It is dominated by a larger time reference planes created by the Earth, then by the influence of the planets, then the Sun, other suns, Galaxy, other Galaxies, people, add infinitum. 

I know at first it is hard to grasp the concept that we experience and observe reality at a time delay. It is actually contradictory to what we believe consciousness is. Whole in part, we can never actually experience or observe the actual moment, this means that the only way we do experience and observe the moment, is as a memory.

A memory is a energy pattern represented by and associated to the oscillation periodicity, spacial coordinates and associated time reference planes.

Think of it is an energetic tunnel to the past that can be accessed by tuning into the right radio station. 

This pattern is what is being broadcast by the existential reality and picked up by our fractal antenna. It is first received and recorded within our "non-coded" DNA as a sequence that represents the address referenced above.

Then it is sent to the physical brain where the address is tuned into the neurological synaptic channels. The brain experiences it as a synchronized complex pattern of neurological synapses firing. A Morse code of sorts, for synaptic pulses.The brain like a radio station, tunes into this past moment of reality and experiences it as if it is happening in real time. 

This experience produces a complex pattern of firing synapses which are associated directly with bio-chemical and bio-electrical signals in the body. This information which was "created" from the experience, is recorded and sent back to the non-coded area of DNA where it is attached to the address sequence, stored and then transmitted back out to the Universe and associated directly to that moment in the past. 

When our minds remember something, usually by an emotional trigger or similar type of event, the bio-chemical and bio-electrical signals produce a recall function which enters your data storage area and checks to see if any type of event like this has ever occurred. If there is a similarity, the address is decoded the brain tunes into the pattern and makes the energetic connection back to the memory. 

Yes, a memory is actually a connection through space and time. When you remember something, you are literally living it. This is why sometimes when you think of a memory with someone special, that someone special will call you up that same day and say, "Hey I was just thinking about you". The reason is that both of you are energetically connected to that address. 

Remember that genetic modification we talked about earlier?

If access to that area of non-coded DNA is blocked, infringed, filtered or firewalled, remembering specific details of events would become incredibly difficult. Even the experience of reality would be altered and or downgraded. 

How Does This All Work With My Mind?

As a our mind's approach this sum-zero, they enter into a state of relative timelessness. This is exactly what the Buddha talked about when entering a state of oneness, enlightenment and where thought was still. This is the nothingness, or if you can conceptualize it, this is the encompassment of everything. 

Everything within the Universe is moving to a state of relative sum-zero within its local time reference plane. Even the unbalanced are working towards this state. 

Every local time reference frame is interconnected to a larger time reference plane, add infinitum.

This also means that an oscillation here is an oscillation there. A pebble dropped in the water ripples out to the whole ocean and the whole ocean pushes back on the pebble.

Everything effects everything. Every cause has an effect, every effect is just another cause. 

Your mind is seeking balance at the highest level it can obtain in it's local time reference plane. It is doing this at the same time the Universe around it is being fluctuated within this infinite dance of cause and effect. Therefore, every oscillation your mind does to obtain sum-zero, every thought, every breath, the Universe pushes back towards it and causes it to readjust its course, add infinitum.

To anybody who reads this an understands it completely, my mind is blown just by writing it down. In this mental conceptualization, the key to obtaining sum-zero is right in front of us. By limiting our influence on the Universe, the Universe limits its push back on us. By training only one thought, only one thought can push back. By harmonizing the rhythm of breathe with the rhythms of the trees, the dance of the leaves becomes our melody. 

Want to know the catch?

We can only progress forward if we are in harmony with the influencing time reference planes. If we are out of harmony with the time reference planes that influence us, and we are unaware of this fact, then that is a very dangerous situation. 

And if you have not guessed, that is the state most of humanity is in right now.

This is caused by our inability to access our memories and remember who and what we are. This, along with environmentally manipulated aggression's produces an artificially created imbalance. It is done to polarize us to such an extreme that we exist in a continual state of struggle, confusion and fear. 

This is the food that our enemy devours. They literally feed off of unbalanced energy. Right now at this very moment, you are food for a highly advanced, technologically superior parasitic alien species. 

How are they able to keep us enslaved?

We know that they had genetically modified our DNA in the past. This modification reduced our lifespans and removed certain access to our stored memories.

By shortening our lifespans they produced a world where history can only be carried in a vague memory for approximately 60 years, of which new paradigms can easily be integrated. The removal of certain access to our DNA made it difficult for us to reconnect with our history, it also produced a filtered perspective on reality and a blurry remembrance of the past. 

I have heard some say that they are broadcasting a manufactured reality from Saturn and the Moon. I would have to disagree with this. Although, my theory would be that the farming of energy from Earth is somehow transmitted back to the realm of their existence. A technology would have to be utilized for this. This is most likely what Saturn and the Moon are being used for. They are relay stations for a type of energy that we know nothing about. 

How to Win the War

Trust me when I say, love is an amazing state of mind, although it is not the answer. Love is a polarized state. It cannot be unconditional, for it has to abide by the laws of Nature. In a sense, it is just as much food for these parasites as fear. All love is experienced in relationship with an oscillation of hatred. There is no way around it. You cannot know love and not know hate. They are the thesis and antithesis. The two poles of extremes. All love begets hate. All courage begets fear. I say this not as a exodus from my moral foundation. For love has a purpose in the Universe. But I say this because many around us feel this is the path to freedom.

I ask you to show me one free thing in the Universe that exists in a state of love?

The human experience of Love, like belief, is a limitation on the mind. It impedes change. To truly be free we must relinquish all chains that bind us. We must reconnect to our past, to our vast stores of knowledge, history and self. There is a future for humanity that doesn't require chains. Many of our ancestors and friends are working to free us. We need to open the gates in our minds so that we can listen and learn. Of course we can align with Love, we can use the understanding from Love as a tool. Although, Love itself is not going to save us. 

To win this war we must first establish a battlefield. We must understand our enemy and learn their weaknesses. We must remember where we failed last time so that we shall triumph when the next time comes. 

We must learn and understand the secrets of reality and how magic works. For they are one and the same. We have covered a lot in this article, although we only skimmed the surface of the workings of reality. More answers will come...I promise. 

To win this war you must wake up and remember...

Are you ready?


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