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Ark of the Covenant Found...and the Blood...MUST READ!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hey guys...This is such an important message I have to share. I stumbled across a video on YouTube this morning that completely blew me away. It is the story of how Ron Wyatt had discovered the Ark of the Covenant in 1982 with some blood on it...and a message for us...OH MY GOSH! As if there isn't enough proof already...this ultimately proves that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He is alive and He is coming back soon.

I'd love for you to watch the video yourself, because the whole story is just remarkable (I DO BELIEVE IT WILL 100% CHANGE YOUR LIFE). I have included the link at the end of this post. I will however, briefly share some of the highlights with you here.

First, let me quickly explain for those who do not know what the Ark of the Covenant is: After Moses had led the Israelites out of Egypt and through the Red Sea, God gave him instructions for creating the Tabernacle (a place to worship God) and the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark contained three items inside: 1) the stone tablets upon which God had written the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, 2) a jar of manna and 3) the staff of Aaron (which God had made to bud, blossom and bear fruit all at once to confirm Aaron's priestly authority to the Isreali people ). On top of the Ark, was the Mercy Seat...where God's presence dwelt with His people - almost like His Throne on earth. The stories about the Ark in the Old Testament are amazing and showed God's powerful supernatural majesty over all tribes and nations of the earth. Accounts in scripture tells of how people who had touched it without God's permission, fell dead in an instant or that gods of other nations would fall flat on their faces in its presence and therefore it was greatly feared and regarded as holy. The Ark was believed to have been hidden by the prophet Jeremiah before Israel was conquered and exiled to Babylon. It became the most prized and desired treasure to be discovered - remember the Hollywood depiction where Harrison Ford searched for it in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Now back to the real Raider of the lost Ark, Ron Wyatt: Ron was the lay archeologist who had discovered Noah's Ark and also had found remains of Egyptian chariots on the bed of the Red Sea, supporting the account of the Exodus. It was upon his return home to the US after one of his Red Sea diving expeditions in 1978, that he traveled via Jerusalem and God supernaturally revealed to him the location of the prophet Jeremiah's grotto and the lost Ark of the Covenant. Now this was HUGE, because the ark had been missing for thousands of years.

Ron returned some time later after doing some extensive research and started the very difficult and complex excavation project that carried on for years. Finally on January 6th, 1982, Ron crawled into a very tight tunnel and space of the stoned-filled cave that had kept hidden the Ark under old animal skins and rocks for centuries... What he found was astonishing: There was a crack in the ceiling of the cave directly above a cracked stone table that contained the Ark and there was a black substance that seemed to have seeped through the earth through this crack (right underneath the crucifixion spot where Jesus had died...). The black substance quite possibly could be His blood that had dripped through, straight onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark! When it dawned upon Ron what he had discovered he passed out...

Ron took a sample of the blood and found an expert lab in Jerusalem that could help him analyse it. They told him that they would reconstitute it by adding a saline solution and keeping it at body temperature whilst gently swirling it for 72 hours. He insisted on being present when they examined the specimen. After the initial 72 hours, they confirmed to Ron that it was in actual fact human blood, so he asked them to extract some white blood cells and add it to a growth medium at body temperature for a further 48 hours. They argued that it wouldn't amount to anything, as it was dead blood. He insisted, so they obliged and he was present a couple of days later when they examined it and announced with great astonishment their findings: It contained only 24 chromosomes out of the 46 that normal humans have (22 from the mother, 22 from the father and then of course the X chromosome from the mother plus another X or a Y from the father). This blood had the 23 from the mother that in most part bestowed family features from her side, but only one chromosome from the Father... a Y chromosome from a source that was NOT A HUMAN MALE. Then they said: "This Blood is ALIVE! Whose blood is this?" Ron was in tears as he described on camera how he explained to these Jewish scientists that it was the Blood of their Messiah.

Ron went back to the cave several times after that and uncovered other original temple furniture, such as the candelabra, golden altar of incense and the table of show bread. On his fourth visit, the chamber and tunnel were all cleared of rocks and the furniture arranged in their order. He could sense the presence of angels in the room and saw four angels, two standing at each side of the ark. They told him that they were there to protect the ark and told him to put his camera on a tripod and film what was about to happen. They lifted up the Mercy Seat and helped Ron to lift out the two stone tables inside. Ron then held them up; showing them to the camera. The angels revealed that these would be shown to the world at God's appointed time. Shortly after the time when national Sunday laws are made at force, they will be revealed to the world. As Ron had studied the topic beforehand, he instantly knew that the angel referred to the enforcement of the mark of the beast. These commandments, along with the Ark and the Blood will confront the false salvation theories that have been preached in the world. Ron died before he saw this fulfilled, but knew that the evidence of this was on tape and he also knew that God would protect His Ark until the appointed time. he spent his last years telling people of God's love and warning them of the coming mark of the beast.

Please do not leave it any longer to make sure you know and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and to ensure that you repent of anything that is not aligned with His Ten Commandments. You can speak to Him wherever you are and at any time. Address Jesus by name, ask Him to forgive you, declare your willingness to turn from your rebellious ways and invite Him into your life.

Watch the story of the discovery of the Ark and Ron's own account of the blood analysis and the angels' message on YouTube at: I will be sharing more about the mark of the beast and about end-time Bible prophecy in general on this blog, so keep checking in.

Bless you! I'm praying for you.

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