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Any Advice For Me Regarding a Cyber Stalker? Why I started to become a flake on my Youtube Channel.

BEWARE I AM VENTING BIG TIME! I met this man in my vicinity. A Facebook Singles Page for my area. I went on 3 dates. On the 2nd date I allowed a small little peck and on the 3rd I kissed him only because I felt cornered or trapped to but not because he payed for the date because I paid for my own self. I guess he thought his box of chocolate indebted me to kiss him. But that was why I paid my way in the first place so he would not think I owed him anything. I do remember trying to aim for the cheek but he stole a kiss and like a vampire would not let go. I was disgusted with his bottom teeth which are black and rotten from cigarette smoking. The conversation was okay but there was no spark. The conversation felt like I was a teacher sharing what is going down in the world and he the student to be awakened. I wanted someone already awakened. I was searching for someone who is on the same spiritual vibe as I but not a teacher-student thing. He posted a picture made 10 years ago so he was also a lie in real life. So I told him I just want to get to know you and give it at least 3 dates. But I told him I am only going out with him because I can use the conversation and company but we go our separate ways if I do not want to continue. He agreed so this made me comfortable to get to know him without pressure. So I thought I do not like his appearance but just maybe there is a diamond soul in that unattractive body of his. So even though I did not like his appearance I gave him 2 more dates within a 7 day frame. At the end, I thought I do not want to mold this man to what I wish but rather have someone who appeals to me mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Anyway, He wrote me maybe 500 messages a day. Even at work. I use my cell phone or tablet to sing with my students or use flash cards and his message beeps went through. But he did not respect my wishes for him to not write me during work hours. Slowly I see he is obsessed and does not respect my borders. So I decide to cut it off after the 3rd date when I see for sure I do not like this dark obsessive side of him. And I told him it will not work out between us. We could be just friends. But he started to argue and argue and argue and try to force a relationship and force me to love him. Then I said okay then no friendship... I told him I do not want to talk with you anymore. But he does not accept this and calls me. I mute him. I wake up and see he has called me about 10 times through out the wee hours of the morning so I block him. I had to block him on Facebook and all other medias. Then he changes his account name to write me again. He changes it several times on Facebook and several times on Youtube to write me long a-- letters under my videos. He wrote the people I interviewed on Youtube. He tries to friend my Facebook friends. Tells them to give me his long a... letter. I told him to stop writing to me. I stop responding to him and it has been like this since late October. Until, two weeks ago, he found my email address. He wrote me I told him he is a stalker that I had to block over 10 times and to never write me again. But tonight I saw he wrote me again. Tonight, I threatened him I will go to the police if he writes again. He wrote because in my last video I apologize to my fans that I have lost my motivation to make videos because every time I put out a video he tries to reach me through them. I do not want to create bad karma but here I am being confronted with a Cyber Stalker. Should I just go to the police? I really do not like the idea of going to the police. But I will if I must. Should I just wait to see if he writes again? Maybe I should just chill. Maybe just maybe he finally leaves me alone. At least this guy does not know my address. I can be thankful for that. I feel he weighs me down. He broke our dating agreement of going our separate ways to the 100th degree. Any advice or help????? Please.

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