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About Redpill Project

The Redpill Project is about Disruptive Journalism-

For as long as you can remember your Social Narrative has been controlled and manipulated by the Main Stream Media (MSM)\Entertainment Industry who are owned and operated by only 6 companies worldwide. These 6 companies are perpetuating an agenda to disrupt the Social Construct of our reality and control for their self-serving means. 

By utilizing Disruptive Journalism the Redpill Project enters the landscape as a Social Movement of Informed Citizens who take the idea of information back into their control. This involves Researching, Digging, Analyzing, Comparing, Collaborating and Connecting Information that can be Organized into a Factual Narrative that remains Unbiased, Non-Partisan and Socially Impacting.


We are at a Crossroads in our Civilization. For way too long a Corrupt Global Elite have Enslaved Mankind through Ignorance and transferred away the wealth and freedom of nations over and over again. It is time We The People of Earth uncover this Corruption, this Evil and eradicate its power structures. We do this by the utilization of Disruptive Journalism and having a Social Movement of United People. When we are United with Facts and Armed with Information, No One Can Stop The Truth. 

How It Works - 

Members use the forum to conduct research, ask questions and share information. By combining the knowledge base of our members we move into an area of higher probability of finding correct, accurate and factual information that can be validated through multiple sources. After a Disruptive Journalist has completed their Investigation or Reporting, then they can then submit the final Article, Media or Presentation to the Admin where it will be Posted on our News Feeds, Social Media and YouTube Channels as News and Reporting. 

All submitted items must give full credit to research to sources including references. 

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This is about waking people up to the unseen world that has been hidden from their sight by lies, propaganda and downright evil. 

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